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Gel paint for coloring eyebrows Sculptor Lash / Eyebrow Gel Tint / 15 ml

Gel paint for coloring eyebrows Sculptor Lash / Eyebrow Gel Tint / 15 ml

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Sculptor gel paint is a new premium product that provides careful and at the same time permanent coloring of eyebrows for a period of up to 1.5 months. The product tones both the skin and the hairs, affecting them very gently. During the dyeing procedure, the skin does not dry out, its natural pH balance is preserved. Hair becomes shiny, smooth and full. The result of painting with Sculptor gel paint is well-groomed, healthy and beautiful eyebrows of the desired shade. The product is available to order in 4 colors: Light brown, Warm brown, Dark brown and Graphite. Volume - 15 ml.

  • provides expressive and intense skin color
  • does not darken hairs
  • does not disturb the pH balance of the skin
  • does not dry out
  • easy to apply thanks to the gel texture.
  • easy to layer to increase the intensity of the shade
  • perfectly absorbed by the skin and hairs.
  • guarantees high-quality coloring that lasts up to 6 weeks


1) Light-brown

Color base: warm

Who suits: from blondes to dark blondes

Warm skin - the shade is warmer

Cold - a neutral shade

2) Warm-brown

Color base: warm

Who is suitable for: dark-blond women, warm brown-haired women and redheads

3) Dark-brown

Color base: warm

Who suits: from dark blondes to brunettes.

4) Graphite

Color base: cold

Feature: more often used as a corrector when you need to make the main color cooler
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