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ItalWax granulated wax

ItalWax granulated wax

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Hot granulated wax from the Italwax premium line. Absolutely synthetic, which prevents the occurrence of allergic reactions. Easy to apply, does not harm even thin and light skin. Ideal for face, armpits, bikini area.

Advantages of ItalWax film wax:

Film wax has a lower melting point of +40, +42 degrees, which means that the possibility of burns is excluded;

Film wax has high plasticity, completely follows the body contour, allowing you to depilate hard-to-reach areas the first time;

Film wax has increased adhesiveness, envelops hair on all sides, copes well with short and coarse hairs, and does not leave broken hair after removal;

Compared to traditional hot wax, film wax hardens more slowly, which increases the time of thermal exposure to steam the hair follicles, reducing pain during hair removal;

Film wax is economical to use, applied in a thin layer of no more than 1 mm;

The wax film does not tear when removed.

Apply with a spatula.

Can be removed without using strips.

How to use: Heat the wax to the desired temperature. Apply to skin with a spatula. Leave on skin until hardened, then remove in reverse direction. Can be removed without using strips.

Manufacturer: ITALWAX Italy.

Composition: hydrogenated polycyclopentadiene. Ethylene/VA copolymer. Paraffin. Cera Microcristallina (microcrystalline wax) Ci77891 (titanium dioxide) Cera Alba (beeswax). Parffinum Liguidum (mineral oil). CI 47000 (D&C Yellow 11) CI 26100 (D&C Red 17)
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