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Lamination kit ZOLA Brow Lash Protein Reconstruction System / in pink jars

Lamination kit ZOLA Brow Lash Protein Reconstruction System / in pink jars

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Protein Reconstruction: A scientific approach to your beauty!

PROTEIN RECONSTRUCTION is the result of scientific research, created using innovative formulas especially for Zola.

What is the uniqueness of our updated system? The updated Protein Reconstruction contains micro-proteins that penetrate deeply into the hair structure, providing flawless care and restoration.

Now your hair receives not only styling, but also deep care, which makes the procedure safer and more effective. Our formula can handle any type of hair, including hard and unruly!

Please pay attention - strong lamination, when used for eyebrow lamination, it is necessary to apply a protective cream to the skin (not only around the eyebrows, but also on the eyebrows themselves).

Technologists of the brand recommend applying Save Skin protective cream or regenerating cream, argan oil in a thin layer on the skin.


The compositions can be used both on very stiff hairs that are difficult to style and curl, and on normal and weakened hairs.

They are also suitable for working with hair of different types* due to the adjustable selection of the exposure time of the compositions to obtain an ideal result.

Contains a special complex of micro-proteins, lipids and moisturizing factors (NMF)* that protect and reconstruct hairs during the lamination procedure on two levels CORTEX-CUTICLE: protects against damage, preserves the structure of the hair during each stage of the procedure long-term styling procedures, penetrating the hairs, reducing the negative effect of oxidation in the process of chemical exposure.

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