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Paint for eyebrows and eyelashes Lash Color LeviSsime

Paint for eyebrows and eyelashes Lash Color LeviSsime

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Experts of the LeviSsime brand have developed a special paint formula that ensures safe coloring without allergic reactions and irritation of delicate skin, and also gives a rich shade, the durability of which is measured in several weeks - 4 - 6. LeviSsime Lash Color eyebrow and eyelash paint is the secret of perfect expressiveness.

Features of paint from LeviSsime:

- innovative formula;
- intended for professional dyeing of eyelashes and eyebrows in the conditions of a beauty salon!;
- during the dyeing procedure, the hair structure is not destroyed;
- maximum durability of coloring - 4-6 weeks;
- the paint formula is specially designed for sensitive skin around the eyes;
- contains a complex of moisturizing components;
- does not provoke inflammation and irritation;
- gives expressiveness to eyelashes and eyebrows;
- the paint is presented in 4 shades: Bluish Black, Graphite, Brown, Light Brown.

Application method

Dilute the required amount of paint with LeviSsime oxidant and stir the mixture until a smooth cream. Apply the resulting composition to the eyebrows and eyelashes in a thick layer. The average exposure time is 10 minutes. Wash off the remains of the drug with plain water and wipe the skin with a cosmetic napkin.

Professional pigment for eyelashes and eyebrows from the Spanish manufacturer LEVISSIME. Lash Color LEVISSIME dye is a synergy of nature and technology. The Spanish concern is engaged in the production of professional cosmetics and knows exactly what should be in the composition of the dye so that it not only tones the hairs, but also preserves their health. Lash Color creates deep saturated tones and slightly colors the skin. It is perfect for natural dyeing and allows you to create a wide range of colors when mixing. The result of staining lasts up to 6 weeks.

Color palette:
black #1
Blue-black #1-6
graphite #1-1
brown #3-7
Light brown #7-7

Composition of Lash Color LEVISSIME
aqua (water), glyceryl stearate se, cetearyl alcohol, propylene glycol, ceteareth-33, cetyl alcohol, ethanolamine, methicone, p-phenylenediamine, limnanthes alba, seed oil, paraffinum liquidum, dipropylene glycol, hydrolyzed wheat protein, sodium sulfite, resorcinol , 2,4-diaminophenoxyethanol hcl, erythorbic acid, tetrasodium edta, m-aminophenol, boswellia serrate gum

The dye also includes natural components:

Wheat protein hydrolyzate moisturizes and improves the durability of dyeing
Boswellia oil soothes the skin and relieves burning and itching

The volume is 15 ml.

Country of manufacture: Spain.

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