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Paint for eyebrows and eyelashes Thuya Professional Line Vegan

Paint for eyebrows and eyelashes Thuya Professional Line Vegan

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Thuya released 4 shades of 100% vegan dyes.

New dyes have been developed using alternative components of animal keratin, completely of plant origin, with a high level of productivity and efficiency.

An alternative is a hydrolyzed molecule obtained from a combination of hemp and rice proteins. The use of this active ingredient strengthens the hairs and ensures their elasticity.

1 COFFEE eyebrow dye is the perfect brown for achieving natural colors. Suitable for coloring light eyelashes and dark eyebrows. Ideal for creating mixes.

2 GOLDEN BROWN eyebrow paint is a light brown color with a soft golden tint.

Ideal for eyebrows with light, red, brown or blonde hair. Suitable for creating mixes.

3 Paint for eyebrows WARM GRAY gray-brown shade (gray taupe), neutral tone. This shade is ideal for shading, ash blonde, brunettes. Ideal for creating mixes.

4 BLACK NIGHT eyelash paint is a black shade with soft blue highlights. Ideal for dyeing eyelashes. Thanks to the components included in the composition, it provides a bright and intense color, creating a make-up effect on the eyelashes.

Thanks to the correctly selected color nuances in the composition of the drug, the dye makes it possible to obtain:

- a wide range of shades;
- natural pure color with a powder impression on the skin;
- a color that retains its depth and brightness of tone on hairs for up to 8 weeks;
- 100% coloring of gray hair;
- beauty and expressiveness of eyelashes with a deep black color.

Low cost (1 tube = 40 procedures)

TM Thuya has a GMP certificate, and also passed dermatological and ophthalmological control - it is allowed to work in the periorbital zone (eye area). (Good Manufacturing Practice for Medicinal Products) is the main global document on the basis of which pharmaceutical and cosmetic productions are certified. Thuya products comply with high quality control in accordance with European cosmetic regulations.

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