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Thuya set (permanent gel, 2 ml + neutralizer cream, 2 ml) / MINI SET (red)

Thuya set (permanent gel, 2 ml + neutralizer cream, 2 ml) / MINI SET (red)

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The set includes:

- 2 sachets of Permanent composition (2 ml)

- 2 sachets of Cream neutralizer (2 ml)

- 2 brushes for eyelashes

- microbrushes 2 pcs

- an orange stick

Step 1. Thuya Professional Line permanent gel. Property: softens, opens hair scales. The composition of the permanent gel includes ammonium thioglycolate, which actively destroys amino acid bonds in the hair. WARNING! The smell during the procedure is the release of gray-hydrogen and is absolutely normal during similar procedures in accordance with chemical processes.

Step 2. Extreme neutralizer Thuya Professional Line. Property: serves to harden keratin and preserve bonds formed in the hair. The amount of neutralizer should be selected based on the amount of the first component (Permanent gel).

Step 3. Argan regenerating cream-oil, 15 ml. Property: seals the effect inside the hair, increasing its resistance.

Thanks to the procedure of long-term styling of eyebrows, you get perfectly shaped eyebrows without the effect of glued hairs. The effect lasts for 3-4 weeks. The procedure takes 20-25 minutes. Eyebrows can be designed and painted in the complex.

Protocol of the procedure.

WARNING! Before the procedure, it is recommended to undergo a technological briefing by an official THUYA technologist. Conditional classification of hair for determining the exposure time of products for long-term styling of THUYA eyebrows:

1st group - thick hair, hard, coarse, wiry, healthy, gray, not previously treated with chemical preparations (paint, etc.), natural hair - exposure time 12-15 minutes;

2nd group - hair of medium thickness, natural, healthy, but thinner hair of the 1st group, previously subjected to chemical treatment (dyeing), shiny - exposure time 6-12 minutes;

3rd group - thin, weak, dull by nature, a lot of fluffy hair - long-term styling of eyebrows is not recommended;

4th group - hair previously exposed to chemical preparations (henna coloring, lightening, bleaching, chemical perm), porous, dull, brittle, splitting - long-term eyebrow styling cannot be done, you need to go through a recovery stage.

To restore the hair structure, it is recommended to use THUYA regenerating cream with argan oil at home, as well as THUYA LASH CARE - a means for growing eyelashes and eyebrows.

Stage of preparation for long-term eyebrow styling.

Determine the quality and structure of the hair in order to correctly calculate the amount of the drug and the exposure time.

Wash hair with Thuya Professional Line water-based make-up remover.

Comb and dry hair.

Apply a protective cream to the skin around the eyebrow.

If the client's hair is very stiff, the THUYA smoothier can be used for preparation.

IMPORTANTLY! When preparing for long-term eyebrow styling, you should not scrub the eyebrow area, use peelings, degreasers or solutions containing alcohol.

The stage of formation of the desired direction of the hair.

1. Apply THUYA permanent gel to the hairs with a brush. The permanent gel loosens the hair structure, thanks to which the active components of the drug easily penetrate inside. Therefore, it is important to correctly determine the structure of the hair. Distribute on the hairs, trying not to apply on the skin. The drug contains ammonium thioglycolate and is not suitable for thin, porous, weak hair. Calculate the amount of the drug based on the structure and condition of the client's hair (0.3-0.5 ml per 2 eyebrows.)

2. Cover with a film (do not press, do not use a "bath"). After 3-4 minutes, open the film, carefully comb the hairs, laying them in the desired direction. Assess the condition of the hairs. The hairs should absorb the permanent gel and become more obedient. If necessary, cover the hairs with a film and leave for another 3-4 minutes. The maximum exposure time of the permanent gel should not exceed the exposure time for the selected hair group. Control the condition of the hairs every 3-4 minutes.

3. Remove the remains of THUYA permanent gel with a dry cotton swab.

IMPORTANTLY! Permanent gel should have a transparent pink shade. The yellow color of the drug indicates that the drug is inactive. It is recommended to remove the first drop of the drug with a yellow tint for a uniform result. The release of an unpleasant odor during the procedure is normal. At the stage of forming the desired direction of the hair, it is necessary to take into account the growth of the client's hair. Changes should be smooth to avoid kinks.

The stage of fixing the direction of the hair.

1. Apply THUYA neutralizer to the hairs. Distribute the hairs with a brush, carefully laying out the desired direction. The amount of the drug in the second stage is equal to the amount of THUYA permanent gel, which was calculated in the first stage

2. Cover with a film. The exposure time is equal to the exposure time of the preparation at the first stage of hair direction formation. There is no need to open the film.

3. Remove the neutralizer with water.

IMPORTANTLY! The fixation stage is responsible for restoring the bonds within the hair. It is not possible to reduce the time of exposure of the neutralizer.

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