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ZOLA Oxidizer

ZOLA Oxidizer

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ZOLA Oxidizer - the composition of the oxidizer was specially developed for ZOLA paint, we recommend using them in pairs to achieve a perfect coloring result and the duration of the effect.

It contains 3% hydrogen peroxide, due to which the maximum saturation and brightness of the tone is achieved, but it acts gently without damaging the hair structure. The advantage of the cream mixture is its economy and ease of use for the master.

What is the difference between 1.8% oxidizer and 3% and when should they be added to eyebrow dye?

1.8% - oxidizing agent is considered more gentle and universal, it is used when coloring all types of eyebrows.

Suitable for coloring eyebrows for men and teenagers.

If the natural color of the eyebrows is radically different from the desired shade, then you should use a 3% oxidizer. It is this oxidizer that will provide the most saturated expected shade.

An eyebrow master who works daily with various clients should have both types of oxidizer in his working collection, and use them strictly according to the recommendations that mentors should have provided during practical training or courses.

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